Joining Alresford Community Choir

Singing brings people together!

Everyone is welcomed and, next to practising hard to achieve a high musical standard, it’s all about the spirit of fun and conviviality.

Is making music by yourself less fulfilling? Come and join us and make music with others!

We’re always happy to welcome new people, whether experienced or not.

How and When to Join

First and foremost, everyone is welcomed no matter their ability, voice, experience. Oh, and by-the-way, there is NO AUDITION.

We do our best to ensure that ACC is inclusive.

Of course, you can join the choir at any time but it is best to join at the start of a season, or term so that you can participate fully, practising and working towards your first concert with us. This gives new members the opportunity to settle in to the choir, make friends, and generally feel at home. 

To help you settle in to the choir, you will be introduced to a few other members who will look after you in your first week or two, and the Membership Secretary will provide you with what you need to know at that stage, and to give you a contact form so that we can forward information to you.

After a few weeks to 'settle in', and if you commit to joining, you will need to pay a subscription to the choir. At present, subscriptions are £37.50 per quarter (every three months). This gives you time to make sure that you are 'comfortable' with the choir and that it 'is for you'. We also place music on to our website so that members can download and print off their own copies, ready to place into your ACC folder.  On other occasions, especially when we tackle a 'work', we ask members to purchase their own score either from us or to source their own. Of course, we find the best suppliers at the best discount prices and pass these on to you!

The ACC subscription covers the costs of all home-based practices, concerts, and regular workshops and rehearsals. For concerts further afield, or for special events, there may be a charge for transport, if required, but this is quite rare.

Members are encouraged to attend all Monday evening practices and workshops so that they are fully prepared to participate in concerts. If members are absent for a significant number of practices, or are not available for the final two or three rehearsals leading up to a concert, participation in the concert will be at the Director's disctretion.

If you have any concerns or questions about joining ACC, do not hesitate to contact the Membership Secretary, or the Director by approaching one of them direct or by sending an email, with your contact details, including telephone number, to:

and we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible.

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