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Joining Alresford Community Choir

Singing brings people together! 


Everyone is welcomed and, next to practising hard to achieve a high musical standard, it’s all about the spirit of fun and conviviality.


Making music by yourself isn't fulfilling? Come and join us!


We’re always happy to welcome new people, whether experienced or not.

How and When to Join

First and foremost, everyone is welcomed no matter their ability, voice, experience and there is no audition. Our choir is inclusive.


You can join the choir at any time but it is best to join at the start of a season, or term so that you can participate fully, including working up to your first concert with us. This gives new members the opportunity to settle in to the choir, make friends, and generally feel at home. (You can join just before a concert but possibly will be asked to join the audience for that occasion).


To help you settle in to the choir, you will be introduced to a few other members who will look after you in your first week or two, and the Membership Secretary will provide you with your ACC Handbook.


At your third practice, you will be asked to pay a Joining Fee (currently £15). This gives you time to make sure that you are 'comfortable' with the choir and that it 'is for you'. This fee covers some of the incidentals, such as your handbook, your ACC music folder, some smaller items of uniform that are provided from time-to-time, and for administration fees to ensure that you have all that you need as a full member. Sometimes, pieces are placed on to our website (available to members but not others) for you to download and print off at home, ready to place into your folder. On other occasions, especially when we tackle a 'work' we ask members to purchase their own score. Of course, we find the best supplier sat the best discount prices!


All members pay an annual Subscription (currently £150) and this includes participation in all home-based practices, concerts, and regular workshops and reharsals. You will not be expected to pay a full annual subscription for a part-year in your first year of membership but do please see the full details concerning Subscriptions below.


Members are encouraged to attend all Monday evening practices and workshops so that they are fully prepared to participate in concerts. If members are absent for a significant number of practices, or are not available for the final two or three rehearsals leading up to a concert, participation in the concert will be at the Director's disctretion.


If you have any concerns about joining ACC, do not hesitate to contact the Membership Secretary, or the Director by sending an email, with your contact details, including telephone number, to:


and we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible.



ACC Trustees - July 2020


1.The “subscription year” will be the 12-month period starting on 1st September and ending on 31st August the following year.


2.The annual rate of subscriptions will be agreed by the Trustees and at least 3 months’ notice of any increase will be notified to members before the start of the subscription year. Subscriptions will be set, generally, to ensure that the annual cost of running the Choir, if no concerts take place, can be met by subscriptions and the Gift Aid reclaimed on these.


3.For members who pay income and/or capital gains tax, the subscription can be paid under Gift Aid rules and is encouraged by the Trustees so that subscription rates can be maintained at a lower level.


4.In accordance with HMRC rules, the Trustees will, annually, agree how much of the subscription qualifies for Gift Aid and this amount will be published to members.


5.Payment of subscriptions will be in one lump sum (in September) unless agreed otherwise by the Treasurer. In such cases subscriptions will be paid in four equal parts by quarterly standing orders in September, December, March and June.


6.New members will be entitled to attend 2 rehearsals before committing to join the Choir. At their third rehearsal the new member will be required to pay their joining fee (currently £15).


7.If a new member’s third rehearsal occurs before the half term, the new member will be required to pay subscriptions backdated to the beginning of the term – i.e. 100% in Christmas Term, 67% if Easter Term or 33% if Summer Term (currently £150, £100 or £50, respectively).


8.Any member (new or existing) who is experiencing financial hardship may apply, in confidence, to the Treasurer for a reduction in the subscription rate. The application will be considered by the Treasurer and Chair, and, whilst the reduced rate will be reported to the Trustees, the name of the individual will remain anonymous.


9.Given the need to cover the annual costs of running the Choir, any member who wishes to take a break from the Choir for a period of less than 12 months, e.g. for a term, will still be required to pay the full year’s/years’ subscription(s). 


10.If a member who pays subscriptions annually in advance leaves the choir, any pro-rata refund will be agreed individually with the Treasurer. No refund will be paid to anyone who pays by quarterly standing order and it will be the member’s responsibility to cancel their standing order.


11.Any past member who chooses to re-join the Choir, having not paid subscriptions for at least 12 months, will be treated as a new member except that a further Joining Fee will be payable at their first rehearsal and that date shall be used for calculating the subscription due in that year (see para 7 above).


12.Should any circumstance arise not covered by the above, the Trustees will decide how these Subscription Rules shall be amended and the amendment will be published to all members.


 Programme 2021


Autumn Term







Our Next Concert:


"Carols for All"


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December 11th


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St John's Church

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Interested in becoming a Member of ACC?

if you want to know more about how to join, and for up-to-date detailed information, including about our membership subscriptions, please go to Join Us! 




...and we are now working towards  our Tenth anniversary Season:                2021 - 2022

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